How Precious Could our Plastics be, If they Never Reached the Sea?

Sea or ocean underwater with plastic bags. Environment pollution ecological problem..jpg
Sea or ocean underwater with plastic bags. Environment pollution ecological problem..jpg

JellyFish Plastics creates beautiful, purposeful items from repurposed plastic bottle caps.

Items made through the Jellyfish process can be repurposed into other objects once they have come to the end of their life.

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Jellyfish Plastics shows how easy it can be to transform waste plastic into beautiful and useful objects.  Focusing on plastic bottle tops and using household appliances we aim to make recycling plastic bottle tops easy, rewarding and available to our whole community.

The environment is everyone's concern, and every piece of plastic we reuse or reclaim is a step towards a plastic-wise world.  Jellyfish encourages creative approaches to develop plastic-wise communities.

It's as easy as...



The bottle tops are sorted into colours and shredded in our granulator.

Mix colours together or use them alone: the effects are only limited by your imagination.


Using a sandwich press or a household oven, the granules are heated until they melt.  Using only number 2 (HDPE) or number 4 (LDPE) plastics means there are no toxic fumes.


The flat sheets are shaped using simple moulds such as bowls and plates.  Once cooled they are trimmed to remove excess plastic.

Using the oven, granules can be melted into solid shapes using pit tins, cookie cutters or other oven-proof shapes


At Jellyfish Plastics we are committed to supporting the creation of plastic-wise communities, however, it can be difficult for people to know where to begin.

If you would like more information or if you would like to volunteer with Jellyfish Plastics, please get in touch.