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Change is possible.

Start small, think big and have fun

There are different ways to start your own plastic-reuse project, if you have any questions or ideas, please get in touch.

  1. A self-directed community-based Initiative: these hubs function as either volunteer-led or social enterprises/micro-businesses; this model is well-suited for organised groups keen to pursue a longer-term community initiative.

  2. A community networked hub: these hubs generally consist of community groups, schools, local businesses etc., who are working together to share resources and may function on a more casual or ad hoc basis.

  3. A Third-Party Hub: In collaboration with REmida Perth, a group can work towards developing its own self-sustaining hub.

There are some common features to each of these hubs that form the core of t he Jellyfish Plastics Initiative:

  • Each hub is encouraged to develop its own identity that reflects the needs/personalities of its local community

  • Jellyfish Plastics is an open-sourced initiative; each hub is encouraged to shared its intellectual property, experiences and learning with other groups in the network.

  • For hubs that would like to retain a direct link with the Jellyfish Plastics Initiative, we ask that your ethos reflects the Jellyfish Plastics Philosophy.

  • While Jellyfish Plastics is an open-sourced initiative, it is always appreciated when acknowledging other people's contributions.

Jellyfish Plastics is a "why" concept that encourages creative approaches to developing plastic-wise communities. If you are interested in learning more or are unsure where to start, email for more information.

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