What is Jellyfish Plastics?


Jellyfish plastics is a REmida Perth initiative, supported by the Waste Authority's Community and Industry Engagement Program and was launched in 2018.


 Plastic waste doesn't have to end up in the ocean,  with some effort, creativity and perseverance we can turn the tide in favour of our environment.

The Jellyfish Ethos

Jellyfish Plastics is a philosophy, not a location

plastic waste is a whole of society concern, these solutions need to be accessible where people work, live and play.

Plastic waste is a behaviour, and behaviours can change 

there are cultural attitudes and behaviours that impact what we view as waste and what we perceive as having some form of intrinsic value, when we look at plastic differently we begin to create opportunities for change.

Every piece of plastic matters

each time we find a creative way to re-use, minimise or reclaim plastic waste, we take a step forward towards a plastic-wise world.