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Sea or ocean underwater with plastic bags. Environment pollution ecological problem..jpg
Sea or ocean underwater with plastic bags. Environment pollution ecological problem..jpg


The poem 'The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist' is an original work that captures the heart of the project and has become a key part of how we express our vision and mission.

Plastic waste is a societal concern, and solutions must be accessible where people live, work and play.  Jellyfish aims to create and inspire solutions.

When we look at plastic waste differently, we create opportunities for change in attitudes and behaviours.  When we see plastic waste as having an intrinsic value we spark creative opportunities and solutions.

The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist


Upon the ocean floor, it lies; content to let the world drift by.

The nature of its life unfolds; among the depths so dark and cold.


This jellyfish immortal be; no longer roams an untouched sea.

Like ghosts of long-dead friends abide; the plastic bags we seek to hide.


Standing still upon the sands; a child with plastic in their hands.

The Jellyfish lives out of sight; as does the nature of its plight.


How does this child understand; the power resting in their hands?

Have these changes come too late; for us to shape the ocean's fate?


There is an unexpected twist; as the child regards their fist.

How precious could this plastic be; if it never touched the sea?


The jellyfish has no say; in the things we throw away.

These are choices that we make; In what we love or we forsake.


Take a moment to revise; the life of things and their demise;

how precious could our plastics be; If they never touched the sea?

Dr P Armishaw 2018

As the Project grew, we wanted a way to include others in the network. The Bin Chick Recyclers initiative extends the Jellyfish Plastics ethos into the creation of community-based plastic repurposing hubs. 

There are many different ways to become a Bin Chicken Recycler, but we also wanted to advocate on behalf of the majestic Ibis. So we wrote another poem!

Bin Chickens Unite


A bird of myth in ancient times, its crescent shape a mark divine;

The Ibis held a place of worth long before there was a Perth.

But as we move to present times, this bird is often marked with grime;

No more a symbol flush with pride, for on our bins, it does reside.


You may chuckle at this name, although the Ibis feels no shame;

Bin Chickens are a modern thing; upon our trash, they spread their wings.

Was this the life that it chose, to sort through rubbish with its nose?

Or did it simply come to terms with all the maggots and the worms?


Let’s make a change and liberate the once-proud Ibis from its fate,

It’s our rubbish, after all, that’s nudged the Ibis to their fall.

Bin Chickens of the world unite; we are with you in your plight.

Do not lose heart, oh noble bird, your desperate cry at last we heard;

We see a world less filled with bins; reclaim the beauty of your wings.


A bird of myth, in present times, its crescent shape again divine

The Ibis holds a place of worth in this place we know as Perth.

And as we move through modern times, the Ibis now, set free from grime,

Once more, a symbol flush with pride, no more on bins will you reside.

Dr P Armishaw 2018

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