THe  Jellyfish Plastics Philosophy

The inspiration for the Jellyfish Plastics Philosophy arose out of a conversation with Mark Sawyer, from the Industrial Design Lab at the University of Western Australia, during a discussion around creative solutions for re-purposed plastic waste.

The Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii)  has the ability to revert back to its most basic form and then repeat is lifecycle, without apparent limitation. 

It then occurred to us that plastics are often discarded because it has a linear rather a circular lifecycle. Once a piece of plastic has served its original purpose, it "dies" and its remains are often discarded into our oceans and waterways.

The aim of the Jellyfish Plastics philosophy is to reverse this trend by viewing plastic as a precious resource that deserves a second, third or hundredth chance to find a new life another form. There are three key ideas that shape Jellyfish Plastics approach:

1. Jellyfish Plastics is a philosophy, not a location: plastic waste is a whole of society concern, these solutions need to be accessible where people work, live and play.

2. Plastic waste is a behaviour, and behaviours can change: there are cultural attitudes and behaviours that impact what we view as waste and what we perceive as having some form of intrinsic value, when we look at plastic differently we begin to create opportunities for change.

3. Every piece of plastic matters: each time we find a creative way to re-use, minimise or reclaim plastic waste, we take a step forward towards a plastic-wise world.

The Project Narrative

Early in this journey, we wanted a way to talk about The Jellyfish Plastics idea in way that spoke to the heart of why we started the project. The poem 'The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist' is an original work that captures this sentiment and has become a key part of how we express our vision and mission.


The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist


Upon the ocean floor, it lies; content to let the world drift by. The nature of its life unfolds; among the depths so dark and cold.

This jellyfish immortal be;
 no longer roams an untouched sea. Like ghosts of long-dead friends abide; the plastic bags we seek to hide.

Standing still upon the sands; a child with plastic in their hands. The Jellyfish lives out of sight; as does the nature of its plight.

How does this child understand; the power resting in their hands? Have these changes come too late; for us to shape the oceans fate?

There is an unexpected twist; as the child regards their fist. How precious could this plastic be; if it never touched the sea?

The jellyfish has no say;
 in the things we throw away. These are choices that we make; In what we love or we forsake.

Take a moment to revise; 
the life of things and their demise; how precious could our plastics be; If they never touched the sea?

jellyfish plastics is an open source enterprise, it is always nice to be acknowledge though.

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Jellyfish Plastics is not a place, its a philosophical approach to plastic re-use

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