The Project Narratives

The poem 'The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist' is an original work that captures THE HEART OF THE PROJECT and has become a key part of how we express our vision and mission.


The Immortal Jellyfish and the Unexpected Twist


Upon the ocean floor, it lies; content to let the world drift by. The nature of its life unfolds; among the depths so dark and cold.

This jellyfish immortal be; no longer roams an untouched sea. Like ghosts of long-dead friends abide; the plastic bags we seek to hide.

Standing still upon the sands; a child with plastic in their hands. The Jellyfish lives out of sight; as does the nature of its plight.

How does this child understand; the power resting in their hands? Have these changes come too late; for us to shape the oceans fate?

There is an unexpected twist; as the child regards their fist. How precious could this plastic be; if it never touched the sea?

The jellyfish has no say; in the things we throw away. These are choices that we make; In what we love or we forsake.

Take a moment to revise; the life of things and their demise; how precious could our plastics be; If they never touched the sea?