In mid 2016, REmida Perth began to explore the Precious Plastics model developed by David Hakkens. 

Two years, and a whole pile of research and discussion, latter REmida Perth submitted a finding application through the Waster Authority's Community and Industry Engagement Program (CIEP).

In July 2018 the project commenced under the original banner of the CIEP Precious Plastics Hubs. The aim of the project was to establish two community based plastic recycling hubs, based on the precious plastics concept.

Since that time the idea evolved into Jellyfish Plastics, the core philosophy of which is based around the concept of creating plastic-wise communities.

During the early part of 2019, the Jellyfish paste

The Journey Thus Far

jellyfish plastics is an open source enterprise, it is always nice to be acknowledge though.

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Jellyfish Plastics is not a place, its a philosophical approach to plastic re-use

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Jellyfish plastics is a REmida Perth initiate, supported by the Waste Authority and the Government of Western Australia